March 17, 2016

Department of Motor Vehicle Wait Times in Connecticut and Florida

OLR Report 2016-R-0017 compares Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) wait times in Connecticut and Florida and compares how the departments are organized.

The average wait time at 12 Connecticut DMV offices at the end of October 2015 ranged from 47 minutes to one hour and 45 minutes.  Average wait times peaked in August 2015, largely because DMV converted to a new computer system.  In that month, average wait times ranged from just under two hours in DMV’s Danbury office to 4.5 hours in its Winsted office.  As of the writing of the report, Florida’s wait time information had not been provided and will be added once it is received.

Connecticut has eight DMV “hub” offices, which provide all customer services; five offices that offer all registration but limited licensing services; four photo license center locations which offer basic license renewal and limited registration services; and three appointment-only locations for specific testing or photo license services (AAA offices also provide license renewal and duplicate services). Connecticut, with about 2.48 million licensed drivers in 2012, provides motorist services at about 17 offices, some of which provide only limited services.

Florida’s approach to providing motorist services is more decentralized than in Connecticut.  It provides motorist services at nearly 300 locations, largely by partnering with tax collectors in its 67 counties which provide driver license, title, and registration services.  Florida also permits private agencies to contract with tax collectors to perform registration services.

For more information, read the full report here.