March 18, 2016

Criminal Pretrial Diversionary Programs

OLR Report 2016-R-0020 summarizes the eight criminal pretrial diversionary programs in Connecticut, which are:
  1. suspended prosecution for drug or alcohol dependence treatment;
  2. suspended prosecution for illegal sale, delivery, or transfer of pistols, revolvers, long guns, armor piercing or incendiary .50 caliber ammunition, or large capacity magazines;
  3. pretrial family violence education program;
  4. accelerated rehabilitation;
  5. pretrial alcohol education program;
  6. pretrial drug education and community service program;
  7. pretrial school violence prevention program; and
  8. pretrial supervised diversionary program for people with psychiatric disabilities and certain veterans.
Courts have discretion whether to allow an eligible person to participate in a program.  If a court grants participation, it suspends the defendant's prosecution and orders the person to participate in treatment or other types of programs.  If a person successfully completes a program, the court dismisses the charges.  A person who does not complete a program returns to court to face the original charges.

For more information, read the full report here.