March 25, 2016

Connecticut's Income Tax Checkoff Program

OLR Report 2016-R-0034 explains Connecticut's income tax checkoff program.  It provides the (1) legislative history and rationale for the accounts eligible to receive income tax contributions and (2) amount of money they have received under the program.

Under the checkoff program, taxpayers can voluntarily contribute any portion of their state income tax refund to seven designated state accounts.  The accounts, administered by various state agencies, fund a range of charitable, environmental protection, research, and education programs including grants to military families, organ donors and recipients, and AIDS and breast cancer researchers.  In total, taxpayers have contributed over $6 million under the income tax checkoff program from 1993 through 2014.

Connecticut's checkoff program accounts are:

  • Organ Transplant Account (created in 1993)
  • Endangered Species, Natural Area Preserves, and Watchable Wildlife Account (1993)
  • AIDS Research Education Account (1993)
  • Breast Cancer Research and Education Account (1997)
  • Safety Net Services Account (1997)
  • Military Relief Fund (2005)
  • CHET (Connecticut Higher Education Trust) Baby Scholars Fund (2014)

For more information, read the full report here.