September 17, 2015

Samsung Working on Transparent Trucks

Driving behind a tractor-trailer truck can be frustrating - and dangerous. Large trucks block your forward view, making passing a risky business.

Samsung is working on a solution.

The Korean electronics conglomerate has been testing a video system that essentially makes the tractor trailer disappear. A camera mounted on a semi’s hood displays the view of the road ahead on a four-screen video display mounted on the rear of the trailer. Drivers behind the truck see what the truck driver sees – oncoming traffic and other road conditions.

Samsung initially tested the system in Argentina. While the test truck is no longer operational, the company says that it has confirmed that the technology works “and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people.” The company says it is now working to get necessary permits and approvals for the technology.

Information on the Samsung experiment, and a short video, can be found here.