September 29, 2015

2015 Bill Tracking Report

Are you wondering what happened to a 2015 legislative bill that wasn't enacted?  OLR Report 2015-R-0147 may provide you with the answer.  The report lists the bills considered during the General Assembly's 2015 regular session and June Special Session whose provisions were enacted under another bill number. 

The provisions of many bills that die in committee or on the calendar become law after the original committee incorporates them in another bill or when the concept is adopted as an amendment and incorporated in another bill. The report includes bill language that may have changed from its original committee bill or file when enacted, but represents the legislature's final action on the matter taken during the session.

During the session, the content or concept of 165 bills that started as separate legislation was later incorporated in other legislation that passed and became law. The report includes one table that lists the original bills in numeric order and shows the public act that included their provisions and one table that lists the bills by the committee of origin.