September 22, 2015

Acts Affecting Education

New laws affecting education enacted during the 2015 regular and special sessions are highlighted in OLR Report 2015-R-0154.  These laws make changes to a wide range of education and higher education policies, including those affecting:  
  • student achievement and school performance;
  • bilingual education and English language learners;
  • charter school funding and governance;
  • curriculum enhancements;
  • early childhood education;
  • school funding;
  • student health and safety;
  • interdistrict magnet school tuition, operations, and funding;
  • school construction and library capital improvement funding;
  • regional school district operations;
  • school district policies and programs;
  • 2015 Sheff v. O’Neill stipulation;
  • special education policies and programs;
  • state level policies and programs;
  • teachers, administrators, and other school employees;
  • technical high schools, ag-science centers, and vocational training; and
  • higher education capital improvements, governance, and tuition.
Read the full report on these and other 2015 education related policy changes here: