September 10, 2015

Immune Platoon To The Rescue!

Oh no! Is that Master Mumps? Better call the Immune Platoon!

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)
“Immune Platoon” website teaches children about the human body’s immune system and methods of disease transmittal and prevention. According to the site, the Platoon is “a team of super-powered white blood cells dedicated to protecting your body from infections and other diseases that threaten your body's good health.”

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Children (and adults) can learn about the various communicable diseases the Platoon “fights” through the site’s “Disease Database.” In the database, various illnesses are depicted as cartoon villains complete with nefarious nicknames (e.g., Measles’ moniker is “Krimson Kreeps”). The database provides various facts about the villainous diseases, such as their “powers and abilities,” “preferred method of attack,” and “known weaknesses.” The site also describes how the body’s immune system (i.e., the Platoon) combats the villains.

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