January 6, 2016

Move Over Immune Platoon, Here Come the Centsables!

Q: How do you make banking and financial literacy interesting for children?
A: Create a cuddly bunch of cartoon superheroes who fight crime while teaching kids how to manage their money – i.e., the Centsables!

In keeping with the cartoonization of fairly sophisticated subjects for the younger set (see our previous post on the CDC’s Immune Platoon), Fox Business has added to its Saturday morning lineup a show in which bankers-by-day become superheroes (e.g., Veloci-Rabbit and Greenback) in times of crisis and battle villains such as the evil Liquidator and Credi-tor.

The show’s website includes links to full episodes, along with financial lessons and “factivities,” and a glossary of banking terms.

Additional resources for teaching kids about money are also available at the federal government’s online web portal for children: kids.usa.gov.