January 29, 2016

Are you a Gamer?

Ten percent of Americans who report ever playing video games consider themselves to be “gamers.”

Among the key findings of a recent Pew Research Center survey on Americans’ video game habits are the following:
  1. Half of American adults play video games on a computer, TV, game console, or portable device like a cellphone, and 10% consider themselves to be “gamers.”
  2. Nearly equal numbers of men and women play video games (50% and 48% respectively), although men are over twice as likely to call themselves “gamers” (15% of men v. 6% of women).
  3. Four of every 10 adults believe that violence in video games is related to violent behavior, but slightly over half disagree with the statement “people who play violent video games are more likely to be violent themselves.”
  4. A quarter of all adults (26%) think video games are a waste of time; Twenty-four percent think most games are not a waste of time. One-third think some games are a waste of time. And 16% don’t know what to think of the issue.
  5. Almost half of adults are unsure if video games portray minorities and women poorly.
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