February 11, 2015

Video Game To Help Pro Se Litigants

As reported in a recent Connecticut Law Tribune article, Northeastern University School of Law’s NuLawLab is developing a video game to teach nonlawyers how to prepare themselves for court.  NuLawLab is developing the game in partnership with Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut (SLS), which received a federal grant for this purpose.  SLS’s other partner is the New Haven Legal Assistance Association.
Under the terms of the grant, the game must be finished by the end of this year.  As quoted in the article, NuLawLab’s executive director, Dan Jackson, stated that “our game does not have to be limited to the courtroom experience.”  In addition to more traditional legal issues (such as how to enter an item into evidence), the game may address such issues as finding the clerk’s office, proper courtroom attire, and when to stand up and sit down in court.
The article notes that the project was named a finalist for the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law’s 2014 Innovating Justice Awards.

For more information, see the January 5, 2015 edition of the Connecticut Law Tribune or the NuLawLab website.