February 23, 2015

New Report: Town Clerks’ Selection and Term Lengths Methods

OLR Report 2015-R-0009 provides information on (1) which municipalities elect their town clerk, (2) which ones appoint the clerk, and (3) the clerks’ term lengths.

According to information provided by the Office of the Secretary of the State and a review of selected municipal charters, 121 municipalities elect their town clerk, and 48 appoint the clerk. Seventy-seven town clerks serve four-year terms, 51 serve two-year terms, 38 serve for an indefinite period, two serve terms coterminous with the town’s mayor, and one serves a six-year term.

Clerks who serve for an indefinite period do not have specified term lengths. Such clerks include those who (1) serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority or (2) may be removed only for cause.

Click here to read the full report including a table that indicates, for each municipality, (1) whether the town clerk is elected or appointed and (2) the clerk’s term length, if applicable.