February 26, 2015

Connecticut Mattresses Recycling Program Set to Begin

The Hartford Courant reports that beginning May 1, 2015, retailers will charge a $9 fee on every mattress and box spring, pursuant to a state law that mandates a mattress recycling program.

Connecticut’s Public Act 13-42 established the state’s program to manage discarded mattresses. It requires mattress producers, or their designees, to join a nonprofit mattress recycling council that they, or a trade association representing them, establish. It prohibits producers who fail to participate in the program from selling mattresses in Connecticut. The act allows the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to enforce the program’s requirements.

Rhode Island and California also passed mattress recycling laws in 2013. The Mattress Recycling Council, a nonprofit group the mattress industry formed, will manage the programs in each of the three states.

For more information about the Mattress Recycling Council, visit their website here.