February 20, 2015

New Report: Veterans’ Benefits

OLR Report 2015-R-0012 describes the benefits the state provides to veterans.
State law defines a “veteran” in different ways for purposes of eligibility for different benefit programs.  In addition, some benefits are only available to wartime veterans.  For example, wartime veterans are eligible for:
  1. local property tax exemptions (a reduction of the property’s assessed value for tax purposes);
  2. education benefits, including tuition waivers at the state’s public colleges and universities;
  3. financial aid from the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund and the veterans’ affairs commissioner;
  4. employment benefits, including bonus points on initial civil service examinations;
  5. retirement credits (for those who were state or municipal employees); and
  6. motor vehicle registration and license fee exemptions.
A veteran’s surviving spouse or dependent children are eligible for some benefits to which the deceased veteran was eligible.

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