November 3, 2015

State and Municipal Regulation of Nail Salons

OLR Report 2015-R-0183 provides the current governmental oversight existing for nail salons in Connecticut. 

Connecticut does not license nail salons or nail technicians.  An individual without a hairdresser or cosmetology license may perform the manicuring of nails for cosmetic purposes, which includes the trimming, filing, and painting of healthy toenails.  

State law requires local health departments or districts to inspect all nail salons within their jurisdiction annually, and also restricts the hours that minors, elderly persons, or persons with physical disabilities may work.

While the state does not license nail salons, certain municipalities and health districts do. Included in the report are brief summaries of the requirements for some of them. 

All nail salons must register with the state Department of Revenue Services (DRS) for sales tax purposes. If the salon has an employee, it must register with DRS and the Internal Revenue Service for payroll tax withholding purposes and the Department of Labor for employment insurance tax purposes.

For more information, including the history of nail technician licensing in the state and current statistical data, read the full report