November 12, 2015

Higher Education Institutions’ Reports on Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Intimate Partner Violence

In 2014, the legislature required higher education institutions in Connecticut, annually beginning October 1, 2015, to submit a report to the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee that includes certain information concerning sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence.

In recent weeks, the committee has posted on its website copies of the institutions’ 2015 submissions as it receives them. Each institution’s report must include, for the immediately preceding calendar year,
  1. a copy of the institution's (a) most recently adopted policies and (b) most recent concise written notification of a victim's rights and options under these policies;
  2. the number and type of prevention, awareness, and risk reduction programs at the institution;
  3. the type of prevention and awareness campaigns at the institution;
  4. the number of incidents reported to the institution; 
  5. the number of confidential or anonymous reports or disclosures;  and
  6. the number of disciplinary cases and the final outcome of these cases, including the outcome of any appeals, to the extent that reporting the outcomes does not conflict with federal law.