November 4, 2014

Health Insurance Open Enrollment Begins November 15

State and federal officials are reminding health insurance consumers that the annual open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act (often referred to as “Obamacare”) begins November 15 and runs until February 15. In Connecticut, Access Health CT announced that it will offer an auto-renewal option for 2015, according to the Hartford Courant. But not everyone who enrolled in coverage in 2014 will be eligible to auto-renew. For example, a person who ages out of coverage (e.g., reached the Medicare eligibility age of 65, or aged off of a parent’s plan at age 26) or becomes incarcerated will not be able to auto-renew.

A person eligible to auto-renew may still want to take the time to explore available coverage options to consider any plan changes, revised premiums, and revised advanced premium tax credits (i.e., premium subsidies). Even if a person is auto-renewed, he or she can make changes until the enrollment period closes on February 15.

The New York Times has more information about this year’s renewal process, and offers the following advice to consumers from Kevin Counihan, chief executive officer of the federal exchange:
  1. Review your coverage
  2. Log into your exchange account and update your household income and other information
  3. Compare your current plan with other plans available in your area
  4. Choose the health plan that best fits your budget and health needs
  5. Enroll