November 28, 2012

Torrington Commission Rejects Methadone Clinic Proposal

Torrington's zoning commission is facing the threat of a lawsuit after denying a zoning application for a proposed methadone clinic.  As the Register Citizen reported, board members agreed with the city planner's recommendation that the proposal was "not compatible with the neighborhood in terms of traffic, health, safety."  Members of the public also turned out to voice their opposition to the project, citing traffic and safety issues. The attorney representing the clinic will appeal the decision.

Only one board member supported the application on the grounds that the federal American with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discriminatory siting practices and opens the city to a legal challenge.  A 2005 issue brief produced by the National Conference of State Legislatures addresses how the ADA and other antidiscrimination laws limit local control of substance abuse treatment programs.