November 19, 2012

Disaster Unemployment Assistance for Hurricane Sandy

The state's Department of Labor (DOL) recently announced that residents of New Haven, Fairfield, Middlesex, and New London counties who are unemployed as a direct result of damages caused by Hurricane Sandy can apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Administered by DOL, the program is part of the federal disaster assistance process that began when President Obama declared a major disaster in the state on October 30th. 

Individuals, including the self-employed, may qualify if the disaster (1) kept them form reaching their job because they could not travel through an affected area; (2) prevented them from starting new employment; (3) caused the death of the head of the household, making them the major support for the household; or (4) caused a work preventing injury. 

Interested applicants have until February 4, 2013 to apply.