November 26, 2012

Residents Advised to Check Out Charities Before Responding to Solicitors

The consumer protection commissioner and the attorney general are warning Connecticut residents to ask questions of telemarketers before deciding whether to make a charitable donation. Solicitations, including those from scammers, generally increase during the holiday season.

Charities that solicit money are required to register with the Department of Consumer Protection and residents can check charity information on Complaints may also be registered there.

The press release offers advice on how to avoid scammers and being misled. These include, among other things:
  1. asking who is calling,
  2. asking for written information on the charity,
  3. donating to recognized charities,
  4. giving in non-cash methods,
  5. being mindful if prizes are offered for donations, and
  6. asking the solicitor not to call or hanging up.