June 16, 2016

Military Personnel Housing Affordability

source: http://www.trulia.com/blog/trends/military-rentals/
A recent Governing article highlighted data from a Trulia report concerning the affordability of military housing across the nation.  The article notes the most and least affordable rental housing areas for military families among the four lowest military pay grades, which make up over half of enlisted personnel. 

For military personnel with dependents, rural and suburban areas were among the most affordable with New Haven/Fairfield, CT, Saginaw, MI, and Rock Island, IL being the top three most affordable areas, respectively. Fayetteville, AR, Florida Keys, FL, and Quantico/Woodbridge, VA were among the least affordable.  Generally, large cities, coastal regions, and tourist areas make up the least affordable areas.

The housing stipend for military members is adjusted if military personnel have a dependent, but does not increase per child, so affordability is more difficult among larger families who require three or more bedroom rentals. Trulia’s report found that single personnel without dependents generally found more affordable housing options.

The full article is available here: