May 27, 2016

The 5,000 Mile Journey of Edwin the Osprey

The Connecticut Post recently featured the story of Edwin, a seven-year-old osprey who annually migrated from his preferred nesting places in Waterford and East Lyme to Brazil’s northern and western regions.  Edwin's migration patterns were monitored from May 11, 2013 until his death shortly after returning to Connecticut on April 2.

Connecticut's Environmental Conservation Police posted details of Edwin's final journey on its Facebook page:

On August 16 (2015), Edwin departed Connecticut and began his annual migration south.  Biologists were initially concerned as Edwin was migrating nearly a month earlier than normal.  Nevertheless, Edwin travelled south along the East Coast through Florida, stopping occasionally in Cuba, the Florida Keys, and the Dominican Republic.  Edwin continued on south through the Caribbean Sea and toward South America, travelling through both Columbia and Venezuela.

Edwin's transmitter lost service for several weeks as he travelled through Venezuela, but he was relocated on Valentine's Day as he travelled past the Rio Solimoes (upper branch of the Amazon River).  Edwin spent his winter months along the Amazon River and Solimoes River located in the northern and western regions of Brazil.  Edwin returned to Connecticut on April 2 after having traveled over 5,000 miles.

Edwin was considered an old bird when he died.  An osprey typically lives five to 10 years.