May 5, 2016

CLYNK Recycling Growing in Popularity

Are you tired of having to redeem your bottle and can recyclables one by one?  Are you looking for a more streamlined process?  Maine and some New York residents already have access to one, and it’s called CLYNK.  As reported by The Daily Gazette, CLYNK recently began accepting returns at its new capital region Hannaford Supermarket in Latham, NY.  According to CLYNK’s website, CLYNK has several sites in Maine and New York, where it plans to open more this year. 

CLYNK is a Maine-based redemption company that allows consumers to bag up to 20 pounds of bottles and cans, seal it with a specific barcode tag linked to a personal account or a consumer-designated charity, and return it to a participating CLYNK supermarket. 

Consumers can sign up for a CLYNK account online at or at a participating supermarket kiosk.  Once registered, a consumer receives 10 free 100% recyclable bags, 10 unique bag tags, and a key and wallet card.  When the bags are full, the consumer tags the bags and brings them to a participating supermarket where tags are scanned and the bags left at the drop center.  CLYNK processes the bags and credits the customer’s CLYNK account or the account of a charity the customer designated.   

The consumer gets the first 10 bags for free but must pay $1.75 for another 10-pack which covers manufacturing costs.  The consumer can printed additional tags at a kiosk or, if the consumer wants to donate the funds, he or she may contact a participating charity. The consumer or the charity can check account balances online or at a kiosk.  To withdraw funds, the consumer can go to a kiosk, scan his or her card, enter the pin number, and print out a payment slip, which can be applied against sales, cashed out, or electronically transferred to the designated charitable fund.