May 12, 2016

Electric Competition in Connecticut

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) has just published its annual report to the legislature on the state of electric competition in Connecticut. Since shortly after the deregulation of Connecticut’s electric industry in 1998, the law has required PURA to monitor and report on the state of electric competition (CGS § 16-245x(a)). Deregulation generally allowed customers to choose among competitive offers from various licensed electric suppliers.

Public Act 14-75, among other things, required PURA to redesign the standard billing format for residential customer electric bills. This year’s report includes sample bills showing the new formats, which, according to PURA, allow customers to review future pricing policies and changes.     

The report also discusses customer complaints regarding electric suppliers. In 2015, PURA received a total of 809 complaints on electric suppliers, down from 2,161 in 2014, as shown in Figure 1.

Read the full report on PURA’s website.