April 29, 2016

The 20 Fastest Growing Jobs in America

A recent Forbes article discusses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics identifying projections for the 20 fastest-growing jobs in the United States between 2014 and 2024. Wind turbine service technician topped the list with a projected growth rate of 108%. Occupational therapy assistant, physical therapist assistant, physical therapist aide, and home health aide rounded out the top five with projected growth rates between 38% and 43%. 

While these jobs are estimated to experience the most growth, they don't necessarily pay well and many do not require a four-year college degree. Forbes points out that:
  1. The six jobs with the most projected growth do not require a four-year college degree.
  2. Four jobs on the list have a median wage under $30,000.
  3. Eight jobs on the list pay less than the national median wage of $54,000.
However, optometrist, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner also made the list, each having a median salary over $95,000.

Thirteen of the jobs are in the health care industry, likely due in part to the growing percentage of seniors in the population. Five jobs are related to physical and occupational therapy.