April 4, 2016

Statewide Quality of Life Survey

Earlier this year, DataHaven, a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting, interpreting, and sharing public data, released its 2015 Community Wellbeing Survey. As part of the survey, they interviewed 16,219 randomly selected adults total with representation from every Connecticut town. The survey’s 84 questions covered topics ranging from personal finances, health insurance and access, and physical safety, and the response data is sorted by age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, and income. Selected findings are below; the complete survey is available here.

Figure 1: Self-Reported Financial State
(In response to the question: “How well would you say you are managing financially these days?”)

Source: Community Wellbeing Survey, Question #45

Figure 2: Length of Time Savings Would Last if Income were Lost
(In response to the question: “If you lost all your current sources of household income, including your paycheck, public assistance, or other forms of income, about how long do you think you could continue to live as you live today?”)

Source: Community Wellbeing Survey, Question #47

Figure 3: Food Insecurity
(In response to the question: “Have there been times in the last 12 months when you have not had enough money to buy food that you or your family needed?”)

Source: Community Wellbeing Survey, Question #64