April 11, 2016

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

OLR Report 2016-R-0037 provides the penalties for driving a vehicle without auto insurance in Connecticut.

Under state law, anyone who owns a private passenger or commercial motor vehicle requiring registration must obtain and continuously maintain insurance. Violators face penalties based on the charge and type of vehicle registration.  Charges include operating a vehicle without insurance, failing to maintain insurance, and failing to carry proof of insurance. 

For a private passenger who fails to maintain insurance, a term of imprisonment of up to three months may be imposed.  A commercial vehicle registrant who knowingly operates a motor vehicle illegally faces a five year prison term.  Fines range from $50 to up to $5,000.  Other fees may also be applicable, such as a $175 restoration fee to have a license restored. 

The law requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the vehicle owner’s registration and driver’s license for one month for a first conviction and six months for subsequent convictions.  A license may not be restored until the owner shows proof of insurance for each vehicle owned and pays the required fee.

For additional information, read the full report.