August 26, 2015


OLR Report 2015-R-0174 highlights new state laws enacted during the 2015 regular and special sessions affecting energy and technology. 
Included are new laws:
  • extending, by two years, Connecticut Green Bank's anaerobic digestion pilot program;
  • authorizing a two-year Department of Energy and Environmental Protection pilot program to support the development of shared clean energy facilities;
  • expanding Connecticut Green Bank's residential solar investment program to include supporting up to 300 MW of new residential solar PV installations by 2022;
  • prohibiting electric suppliers from entering into or automatically renewing variable rate contracts for residential electric generation;
  • allowing municipal gas and utility company customers to pay required security deposits by cash, letter of credit, or surety bond; and
  • prohibiting employers from requesting or requiring employees or job applicants to provide information needed to access their personal online accounts.
Read the full report for more information on these and other recently enacted energy and technology related laws.