August 18, 2015

Acts Affecting Animals and Agriculture

OLR Report 2015-R-0164 provides highlights of new laws affecting animals and agriculture passed during the 2015 regular and special legislative sessions.

Policy areas include:
  • Agricultural Science Centers
  • Agricultural Hearing Officers
  • Animal-Assisted Therapy Services
  • Animal Control Officers (ACO)
  • Animal Research or Testing
  • Bond Authorizations
  • Commercial Fishery Reforms
  • Community Investment Account (CIA)
  • Connecticut-Grown Farm Products
  • Farm Wineries
  • Farmers' Market Beer Sales Permit
  • Farmland Restoration Program
  • Industrial Hemp
  • Noise-Making Devices
  • Raw Milk Herd Shares
  • Shellfish
  • Veterans to Agriculture Program

Read the full report here.