August 7, 2015

Historic Preservation in Connecticut

Curious about the history behind a historical site in your town?, a project of Connecticut Humanities (the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities), profiles historic events, people, and structures in Connecticut. Recent articles describe:
  • how the evolution of industry and transportation in the Northeast shaped New Canaan’s identity;
  • the origins and demise of Bridgeport’s Steeplechase Island;
  • the state’s first state parks, which include Sherwood Island State Park, Mount Tom State Park, and Kent Falls State Park; and
  • canal fever” in Connecticut, a period following the completion of the Erie Canal during which the Farmington and Enfield canals were built.
Entrance to Steeplechase Island, Bridgeport
Steeplechase Island, ca. 1900-1910, via Connecticut