December 24, 2014

Secretary of the State Releases Turnout Statistics

Slightly fewer than 56% of Connecticut’s registered voters cast ballots in the November election. That’s according to turnout statistics recently released by the Office of the Secretary of the State (SOTS). Statewide, 1,096,509 of the state’s 1,973,332 (55.57%) registered voters cast ballots. Cornwall led the way at 74.77% and was one of nine municipalities to exceed 70% turnout. Conversely, five municipalities fell short of 40% turnout, with Hartford’s 32.18% rate being the lowest.

The 2014 election was also the first statewide election in which people could register to vote and cast a ballot on Election Day (i.e., Election Day Registration (EDR)). According to SOTS, 13,995 voters cast ballots through EDR, which represents 1.3% of votes cast in 2014. New Haven led all municipalities with 616 EDR ballots.

SOTS provides more information and data on each town’s voter here.