December 3, 2014

Repairing Sprawl with Gourmet Gas Station Eateries

City Lab, previously known as The Atlantic Cities, recently reported on a popular Korean-fusion café operating within a suburban Maryland gas station.  The café is accessible from both the gas station’s convenience store and a sidewalk-lined street, and incorporates outdoor eating space.
The above mentioned café, photo from City Lab
City Lab reports the café’s nontraditional location is good for everyone involved: the gas station’s owner makes money on unused space, the café gets guaranteed foot traffic, and patrons can enjoy a freshly prepared meal.  Additionally, the local planners are thrilled with the cafés location, as it brings character to the neighborhood by “[letting] locals experience th[e] corner not as a handy service site, but as an actual place.”

The Washington Post reports that similar operations are popping up across the country.  Find out more about these infill eateries here.