December 29, 2014

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data for 2013 Released

Power plants in Connecticut emitted 6.8 million tons of greenhouse gas in 2013, according to data recently released by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP). The data includes reports from 19 power plants in Connecticut. The data also includes greenhouse gases from other sources such as petroleum and natural gas systems, refineries, and other facilities. Last year, 20 Connecticut power plants submitted data and emitted a total of 6.6 million tons of greenhouse gas.

Nationwide, over 8,000 facilities reported to GHGRP, including 1,572 power plants. Power plant emissions have generally decreased over the past three years from 2.2 billion tons in 2011 to 2.1 billion tons in 2013.

Highlights of the GHGRP report are available here. For more on greenhouse gases and their relationship to climate change, see OLR Report 2013-R-0388.