January 30, 2014

Recommendations for Developing Connecticut Agriculture

The Governor’s Council on Agricultural Development recently issued its 2013 report with 12 recommendations to help Connecticut’s farmers. The council is composed of farmers from various types of farms and locations in the state and is led by state Department of Agriculture Commissioner Steven Reviczky. The council’s recommendations include:
  1. examining contracting and procurement procedures to increase use of Connecticut grown products in public and private schools, higher education institutions, health care facilities, and state institutions;
  2. integrating agriculture into Connecticut’s school curriculum;
  3. examining and suggesting improvements to the agriculture research infrastructure in the state’s higher education facilities and creating partnerships between the state, private industry, and higher education;
  4. examining the potential use of state-owned land for agriculture, leasing at least 4,000 acres for farming by 2015, and setting a long-term goal of using about 16,000 additional acres for farming; and
  5. supporting biomass energy projects on farms without using prime farmland.