January 24, 2014

Hot Report: Questions and Answers on Expanding Video Slots in Connecticut

OLR Report 2014-R-0015, a report written jointly with the Office of Fiscal Analysis, answers a number of questions about expanding video slots in Connecticut. 
  1. What is the status of the existing tribal-state slot machine agreements?
  2. How much revenue does the state currently receive under the agreements?
  3. How much revenue, in total, has the state received under the agreements?
  4. How much state revenue is generated currently by existing off-track betting (OTB) licensed facilities?
  5. In what ways would the tribal-state slot machine agreements be affected if video slots were expanded to OTB facilities?
  6. What would have to change in the agreements in order for OTB facilities to conduct video slot gaming?
  7. How much revenue could realistically be generated if video slot machine gaming is expanded to pari-mutuel facilities within the state?
  8. What is the status of the licensing of the pari-mutuel facilities within the state as they exist currently?
  9. How would introducing video slot machines affect the current OTB licenses?
  10. Who would regulate video slot machines if they were allowed in OTB venues?
  11. How much state gambling revenue goes to combat problem gambling?
  12. How many gaming casinos exist in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island?  How many more are planned?
For the answers to these question, read the report.