January 5, 2015

Tips for Hiring Roof Snow Removal Contractors

Winter officially began on December 21 and snow accumulation has been light thus far. But if the storm events of recent years are any harbinger, we should expect to be shoveling driveways and clearing off roofs and vehicles soon.

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) provides guidelines for consumers to consider when hiring someone to clear home roofs. Specifically, DCP recommends:
  1. checking references and obtaining written estimates from contractors who go door-to-door; call; or post notices on bulletin boards, utility poles, or online;
  2. using a registered home improvement contractor who specializes in roofing to evaluate the roof; and
  3. ensuring the company or person performing the work has liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, if applicable.
DCP cautions consumers that the cost of clearing a roof may vary depending on the nature of the roof, but the price should be reasonable based on the (1) roof’s size, (2) time needed to remove the snow, and (3) hourly rates for comparable home improvement work under normal circumstances. It also cautions homeowners and contractors of the need for care to avoid above-ground wires.