January 20, 2015

States Consider Banning Powdered Alcohol

States are attempting to ban powdered alcohol (palcohol) before the product reaches stores.  Lawmakers cite public health concerns for such a ban, stating the product would increase alcohol abuse, particularly among teenagers.
Legislators in Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah want to join legislators in Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, and Vermont in prohibiting palcohol.

The powder comes in a sealable pouch with different flavors and dissolves in water.  One serving fills about a third of a standard glass tumbler and has the same amount of alcohol as a shot.

The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau granted approval to product labels last April, but subsequently declared that the approval was in error.  The palcohol manufacturer states that the company voluntarily surrendered approval because of a mistake on the proposed label.

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