February 10, 2014

Filing a State Tax Return? There Will Soon Be an App for That.

Governor Malloy recently announced a major modernization of the state’s official website that will “increase usability, customer service, transparency and access for its visitors.”  According to a recent State Tax Notes article, the upgrade includes plans to expand and improve the online services the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) provides to taxpayers and tax professionals (“Revenue Department to Offer App for Filing Tax Returns,” January 27, 2014 (subscription required)).  This means taxpayers could soon have the option of using a smartphone app to file tax returns or make payments.

The state is developing these upgrades through an agreement with Connecticut Interactive LLC, which will design and manage the state’s website and provide “self-funded” e-government services.  Funding for the program comes from fees generated from a subset of the online services, such as requests for motor vehicle driver histories.