July 1, 2016

Filing Complaints Against Veterinarians

OLR Report 2016-R-0088 summarizes the process for filing a complaint against a veterinarian.
The Department of Public Health (DPH) is responsible for receiving and investigating complaints against veterinarians. The Connecticut Board of Veterinary Medicine, which consists of three veterinarians and two public members, generally makes final disciplinary decisions.  However, the DPH commissioner may decide to render them. 

DPH must investigate each allegation of specified acts or omissions by a veterinarian as set forth in law and conduct an investigation to determine if probable cause exists to issue a statement of charges and to begin proceedings against the veterinarian.

After notice and the opportunity for a hearing, the veterinary medicine board can take a number of disciplinary actions if it finds that a veterinarian has acted in violation of the law. These include license revocation or suspension, imposition of a civil penalty of up to $25,000, placement on probation, a letter of reprimand, or censure (CGS §§ 20-202 & 19a-17).

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